World Championship Enduro GP of Italy

World Championship Enduro GP of Italy

Friday the special. Saturday and Sunday two days of racing that have thrilled and passionate with their challenges at the last second. The shows and colors of a city that wants to make the dream come true. It was a Grand Prix of Italy Enduro City of Spoleto with a ready and careful organization on all fronts. With the experience gained in 2015 with the Absolutes of Italy he has traced three very special specials that have tested all the drivers of the Enduro World.


The Sunday race

Winner of the EY's Saturday, the "Young Under 21" youth class, Verona. Sunday has been awarded the center of the fourth consecutive World Cup 2017 victory.

Along with Verona, the tricolor enduro again shone in the EJ class won by Englishman Bradley Freeman (Beta), but with two other young Italian "Under 23s" on the podium. After Saturday's victory, Davide Soreca Domenica had to settle for the third stage of the podium, preceded by Matteo Cavallo (Beta). Thanks to the points won, Soreca has further strengthened its leadership in the league standings.

In the EnduroGP class victory of French Loic Larrieu (Yamaha) with Alex Salvini (Beta) again in highlights despite the bad luck. Salvini finished fourth due to two slides in the last two specials that prevented him from repeating the excellent result on Saturday, when he almost got the victory

In the Enduro2 victory of young Spanish Josep Garcia (KTM) with Thomas Oldrati (Husqvarna) excellent eighth ahead of Rudy Moroni (KTM) and Manuel nonni (TM).

Excellent performance also for the kids of the MBE Enduro Trophy: twice for Alessio Beccafichi (KTM) again winner and podium with Jonathan De Stefano (TM) and Fabio Carizia (Husqvarna) finished in the order ahead of Stefano Noris (KTM) and Stefano Dentella (KTM)


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