rent a Vespa in Barcelona

rent a Vespa in Barcelona


Barcelona is motorbike friendly city. In fact there are morebikes than inhabitants. If you are here in Barcelona and you want to rent a two-wheele to have the freedom to go around with your rhythms and reaching the most hidden alleys of the city, I recommend you a scooter. A Ducati Panigale is certainly more fun, but on the track or at least outside the city traffic. To move with a motorcycle in the center of Barcelona, especially during the summer is a small torture. the poor handling, the heat emanating from the engine make the experience a nightmare.

That's why I propose a Vespa. this is the link to rent it. is a shop that only rents the new models of Piaggio, the famous Italian brand. A bit of Italy in the heart of Spain, or better than Catalunya.

The new Vespa, made available by the shop, are reliable scooters and with that retro taste of the ancient models of the Piaggiog were famous during the years 60, 70, 80 and even 90. Obviously they are supported by a four-stroke engine, from the ignition electric. Suspensions and brakes have also been updated. Some models are also equipped with ABS.

In short, I suggest you go around the alleys of Barcelona to smell the atmosphere and also obviously a bit of stench, with beautiful and safe scooters.

The conditions are always the same, leave a deposit and obviously be holders of a license. To drive a 125 you must be in possession of the A1, A2, or A.

The use is always and only as a guarantee, you will be returned when you return the Vespa safe and sound.

The bike is also equipped with jet helmets.

Prices are reasonable, obviously depends on who reasons. Better to rent for days than for hours. Both from an economic and a logistical point of view. Barcelona is certainly not a metropolis, but is not so small. Here are the prices: we talk about 11 euros per hour and 49 euros for the whole day for the Vespa 125. The Vespa 50 has lower prices but not so much in fact.





vespa barcelona

Rent it and get lost for the Gotico or the Raval or the famous Barceloneta, but to enjoy a bit of scenery I suggest you take a ride on the Montjuic.

You have to get to the Plaza de España or perhaps better pass through Paseo de Santa Madrona, just for those who also want to have fun with some curves. Arrive to the Stadium via the Paseo Olimpico and then arrive at the Castle and look for the Camino de la migdia. Here you will find a parking space. If you want you can walk, there is a long way around a kilometer that runs around the walls of the Castle. From here you can enjoy the city's condal and breathe the air of the olympics. In fact, the majority of the various athletic disciplines (running, swimming, bow, skates) will be carried out in 1992.



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