By bike in Barcelona? Do you want a beer and some tapa?

By bike in Barcelona? Do you want a beer and some tapa?

Let's start with order. Then from the bicycle. I wanted to suggest two places to rent bicycles at reasonable prices. They are different. One is a cultural center, Veni Vidi, rents classic road bikes. Real gems of the seventies, restored.

With these bicycles you can get away from the walls of the city and go inland, for example.

The other solution offers more varied options, all quite urban. However, you may find the most appropriate formula for you. Here is the link.

So let's go on the trip. In case you want to escape from the city, I suggest the route of Les Aigues


The ideal bicycle to do it would be a mountain bike, although in reality it can be done with a bicycle of any kind. In fact, they are white roads, therefore wide. Without paving, this is the problem. If you have a road bike, you may find it hard to find yourself comfortable driving, or you could easily get punctured.

The trip takes approximately 2 hours, the level can be considered medium and the distance is approximately 20 km. Let's start with the name: the route of Les Aigues, derives from the fact that precisely in those areas the water pipelines that flowed to the city flowed. In the next post, I will tell you where they currently flow. I do not say it now to create suspance.

To get to the path of the Aigues you must go through Tibidade Avenue. And here in reality the biggest problem, which makes the path of medium difficulty. The differences in height are important, we could demotivate even before arriving.

Another access would be through the Arrabassada road or the Vallvidrera road, there are certainly more cars to avoid, but climbing is less important. The easiest options are loading the bicycle and using the Tibidabo funicular.

In any case how you decide to arrive, it will be worth it, just a few minutes from the city center you will find yourself immersed in nature. You will not be alone, and I do not talk about bears or other animals, this route is a nice and familiar way out. Therefore, it is full of people from Barcelona looking for an easy escape from the cement of the city.

Once you have finished your tour of the city of Barcelona, I propose another effort.

Not excessive, the return is practically only downhill. And anyway it will be paid.

Go down and go directly to the Sant Antoni neighborhood. Particularly on Parlament street. It is a central district of Barcelona, wedged between the Raval and the Pobel sec. And like all the neighborhoods of Barcelona, it undergoes a profound transformation, becoming a place of. Fashion and especially for the nightlife.

When you reach Parlament Street, go to Els Sortidors. Here wine lovers can enjoy. the restaurant offers an exceptional menu of wines from all over the world and also a select group of Catalan wines. Beer lovers will not be disappointed and will have a way to fill their bellies: embutidis (sausages, then also jamo serrano) or tortilla chips with a black truffle flavor.

Then after the last piece of sausages, you will only have to return the bicycles.





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