3 days on bike in Andorra

3 days on bike in Andorra

Veni Vidi,we have already talked about them, in a previuos post they organize another preventable event

This time they leave Barcelona to go to Andorra

Summer is coming and consequently the snow is melting in the Pyrenees

Summer is also a symbol of epic adventures and for this reason they offer you the opportunity to participate in a unique and unforgettable experience.
Andorra and Val de VAlira, will be the scene of three days of cycling on high mountain roads where you can take advantage of a service created specifically for this event.
The places are however limited. To register or know the route or other details I invite you to contact Veni Vidi through a private message, telf: 651 446 230/617215736 E-Mail: infovenividibici@gmail.com
The deadline for registration is Wednesday 27 de junio.

andorra veni vidi

Here's what you'll expect:

· 3 days of guided tour along the Andorran Pyrenees where you will cover 350km for a difference in altitude of 7000m
· Team chef
· Transport of all material from Barcelona (suitcases, technical equipment, etc.)
· Uncondivision overnight stay
· Breakfast and dinner every day
· Lunch included
· Celebratory dinner in a local restaurant
· train ticket
· Technical and mechanical service
· Photos

Obviously if you are in Barcelona on vacation and  you don't have hidden your dear bike in the suitcase, it should not be a problem Veni Vidi

has the solucion. from its ample and refined bike park, you can rent one of their bike. obviously first you book better is. We know who first arrives ...

Good bike ride to everyone



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