Moving around Barcelona without polluting is possible

Moving around Barcelona without polluting is possible

The law focus above the power of the engine, or rather the battery.

If specific limits are exceeded, having pedals does not necessarily make it fall into the category of bikes, but into the motorbike category.

Here are the limits for an electric bicycle.

The motor must have a nominal power not exceeding 250W.
The engine must be activated automatically, and only at the same time as pedaling. If you do not pedal, the engine must be deactivated.
The power supplied by the engine must stop completely when it reaches 25 km / h

Take notes to understand what you have under your ass.

The electric motor bike that respects these criteria are called "pedal assisted bikes". Although for my short experience it is a mild adjective. In a short expirience that I made for the roads of the Raval, my contribution to make progress the bike was almost zero. Maybe it was a fake electric bike. I have no idea. But surely my efforts were focused more on braking and avoiding unruly pedestrians than on the pushing.  

Another distinction beyond the power lies in the possibility of accelerating and if the power is continuous, even when you are not pedaling. 

Once you rent a electric scooter on you must comply with precise bureaucratic and legal indications, you must have:

License plate
License or license
Minimum age 14 years

To come back to the pedals, which often confuse the ideas. Their mere presence does not relegate them to the bicycle category. In these cases, the pedals are used to increase speed, extend the range and have the ability to continue running in case of low battery.

On the other hand, the pedals did not make the Piaggio Ciao a bicycle. 

All this creates a bit of confusion, which you then pay. You can rent electric scooters, but behave like you have a bike.

If you are stopped for a normal check, you will find violations of the road code. Although in reality here in Barcelona, at least for the residents there should not be, bicycles are considered in terms of road transport as any other vehicle, so they are subject to the same identical infringements and fines of similar size.

All this to clarify a bit the fog about the subject.

However, if you are in Barcelona passing through, or you live and want to run around the ciudad Condal, not polluting the air, you can rent a bike or a bike and in that case everything will be clarified in the act of rental. You will be explained that in short, bringing your scooter while electric engine on the shoreline of the barceloneta could be considered a crime.

Here are the main agencies that rent electric motorcycles here in the city:




There are so many of the others but we at Gasorpedals receive good money only from these three.

So my dear rent! rent!


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