Gran Premio Catalunya 2018

Gran Premio Catalunya 2018

Three Gran Prix  have already passed, Qatar, Argentina and America, the Grand Prix of Catalunya is placed a little before the inflection point, which has been extended to 18 stages. Maybe a little too hard especially for the poor and old Valentino Rossi.

For now, limiting ourselves to the queen class, the other classes are more instable, we have not seen any particular distortion respect to the 2017 championship. We see a single real pretender to the title, Mr. Marquez, who only fights against himself. Then, a small group of pilots kill themselves for other positions: Dovizioso, Viñales and Rossi.

To these three, others pilotos try to add themselves to the importat postions, such as Crutchlow, Zarcò and also Petrucci and Miller.

petrucci barcellona

The podium of each grand prix like the one in Barcelona is a lottery. In a sport that has now reached the limit, every detail can influence. Whether mechanical, driving or just personal. Motorcycles are a sport that combines the human factor with the exquisitely technical one. The pilots considered of a superior level like Lorenzo have fallen down, during the change of motorcycle. A Ducati that does not marry his driving style, defeats that have undermined his safety and moved away from that perfection and mental cleansng that is necessary to drive a motorbike to those levels. At hour thanks to the hysteria of the press a finished pilot.

It is a very complicated balance and losing it is a matter of nothing.

For this reason, to say how the podium of the Grand Prix of Catalunya will be composed is pure odd.

My prediction puts Márquez in the first step, then Rossi in the second and in the last one Petrucci, who with a third place will give a final push to the doubts about the renewal of Lorenzo in Ducati. He will be the collegue of Dovizioso in 2019. Dovizioso will stay with the reinforcement positions, fighting politely against the Zarcò and Miller.

Viñales will disappear instead, will get some points and a monumental hunger, who will vomit on top of all his equipment.

These are my predictions that every year are completely wrong. So I advise you not to play them at the different betting sites.

What will be true is that the tickets to enter in the circuit of Montmelò are not cheap. Here is the link Motogp catalunya. Obviously, there are several packages, but we are always talking about big money. So hurry up before being forced to pay even more.

As for accommodation, I recommend instead of the usual hotel, rent a room perhaps through Airbnb. You can have the opportunity to save two euros and meet nice people.

If you want to get to the circuit by motorcycle and want to rent it because you've arrived by plane, here is a place that can offer you motorcycles at a price that is not prohibitive tumotodealquiler.

Here, less than eating and drinking, I have organized all your vacations in Barcelona.




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