barcelona CEV circuit Montmelò

barcelona CEV circuit Montmelò

They are professionals, they have talent, so what I will say to many of you may not make much sense: going to see the worldchampionship MotoGp,  it is often boring. They have perfected so much the technique, approaching perfection that seeing them , in spite of the motorcycles of almost 300 horses, can be considered pedantic. Often they do not make you perceive the difficulties they really have to tame similar beasts, pushing them to the limit at all times.

We do not even realize the danger and complexity of their actions. Going instead to see pilots of minor lineage, often only by age, we are witnesses of mistakes, wrong lines, uncomfortable overtaking, braking badly managed. And with their mistakes you can leave the effect of the video game. Maybe it's just my personal idea, but being on the wall of any circuit waiting for your turn to enter and see the other clumsy and not so perfect pilots, brings me back to the true nature of this sport, a wonderfully fun, complicated and even dangerous.

That is why you are invited to Montmeló for the Barcelona round of the CEV championship on June 10, right next to the world date of the motogp, here is the link


What is the CEV? It is the Spanish speed championship. As for its prestige, it is considered the most important competition after obviously the motorcycle world chanpionship. From here all the Márquez, Pedrosa, Lorenzo have left and from here the racing champions of the future continue as an assembly line.

Among the others here in the city of Barcelona circulate the categories of Moto 3 and Moto 2.

A circuit considered among the most beautiful of the world circus, although the latest updates with the remake of the asphalt and the change to a chicane have not rid of criticism. Loris Baz now out of the world championship, did not use half words, defining the new design of the Barcelona circuit, literally, shit. The modification of the curve had, in fact, according to the French pilot, destroied the only fascinating point of the whole circuit.

Criticism aside the races will always be exciting, the Cev drivers are champions that will not disappoint expectations. If you are here in Barcelona, you love motorbikes, I invite you to take a trip. The prices as you can imagine are immensely more affordable than those of the MotoGP weekend.

This time I do not give you any culinary advice, but of course I help you rent a two-wheeled vehicle to get to the circuit.

This time, I recommend a sailing company that does not offer large caliber motorcycles, the fleet goes from the scooter to motorcycles, but neither Ducati nor R1. I do it for your safety, go to Montmelò with a motorcycle so it leads to exaggeration. I care about your health. Click here to access the rideon company's website.

I greet you and good motorcycle for everyone.


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