Jorge Lorenzo wins at Mugello

Jorge Lorenzo wins at Mugello

Against all expectations Lorenzo wins the Mugello Grand Prix of Italy. In the second step of the podium his teammate Andrea Dovizioso and in the third Valentino Rossi.

He had just been abandoned by Ducati. In fact, in the year 2019, the companion of Dovizioso will no longer be him, but one between Petrucci and Miller, the two pilots of the Pramac team, always Ducati. The choice, although complicated, seemed correct in light of Lorenzo's results. After 23 Grand Prix, numbers in hand, the combination did not seem to take off: Lorenzo could not adapt to the Ducati style. Too physical, too far from his driving style, which provides a precise movement and prone to smoothness in curves. The Ducati has always been a good bike for the brakes and for those who shorten the trajectory as much as possible. Lorenzo, after 23 Grand Prix, has tried to commit himself by adapting to the Borgo Panigale motorbike and trying to bring it closer to his strengths: a clean guide with an aggressive race tactic. With the first explosive laps. In fact, Lorenzo has a sensibility that seems unique: that of being able to interpret the tires from the beginning.


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After a great amount of not very goods results, the Ducati has decided: to abandon him. Not considering the continuation evidently possible. He could have thought that 23 grand prizes were a sufficient benchmark. It is said that they made an economic proposal to extend his contract but that it was rejected because it was too low. And just when everything is official, Lorenzo wins. Against all the forecasts. Even mine. In fact, one of the parameters that are always used to judge the work of a pilot are the results of their peers. Petrucci and especially Dovizioso had done it almost constantly better, both in the individual results and in the final classification. the goodness of the project could not be questioned, what was doubted was Lorenzo's ability to adapt to the bike. Throughout the season Lorenzo had complained about motorcycle problems. At Le Mans he declared that the motorcycle was wearing him down and that he could not drive more than a few laps, with a new tank, which would help him drive, he would have won. Having said that. Fact.

Just a coincidence?

Lorenzo is not a champion of communication, he is easy to criticize, we often tend to misinterpret his statements, the bad characters have to lose, maybe because of this I gave up. And he won.

But, on the other hand, in the Mugello Márquez the championship killer had fallen, Dovizioso declared that he would have won if he had not made the wrong tire decisions and that the other few players had a somewhat complicated GP.

In short, we are victims of a general hysteria, where if you do it right you have found the way if you are wrong, you are in the abyss.

My personal opinion ... Lorenzo does not solve everything, but only partially, at least for this championship. Will win again, but no more than twice in all

the championship 2018 and not in Barcelona. As I said in my previuos post Esta es mi opinión.

For next year if I had been in Ducati ... Well, this is another story that is now only in the science fiction.



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