Lorenzo wins the Barcelona Gran Prix Barcelona

Lorenzo wins the Barcelona Gran Prix  Barcelona

Lorenzo wins the second victory with Ducati, the second consecutive, perhaps is showing that he has returned. He started first in the first round and he stayed until the end. This has always been Lorenzo's tactic, boring for the spectators, but certainly fruitful for him. This was the tactic that in the championship last year tried to resume with the Ducati, constantly failing. Lorenzo pushed as usual creating a space that lasted only a few laps and then finished fifth or sixth.

Frequently, I had misjudged this behavior as a gift to the sponsors, which when paying money for staying constantly out of sight. Lorenzo then, this was my idea, he gave them a bunch of laps of glory and then returned to the position that competed him the most. At least with the Ducati. Dovizioso in all this gestation was close to winning the world championship in 2017 and also opened 2018 in a convincing way. The goodness of the Ducati project could not be questioned. Then, the Mugello, Lorenzo starts in the head and I look forward to surrender. That simply does not come. No one can keep up with him, not even his teammate. That same GP had been abandoned by Ducati, presumably tired of the fact that the investment they had made did not pay off. Lorenzo had even exposed himself to seemingly contradictory statements, which seemed to reveal the state of frustration and confusion. he autocelebrated the best driver of the grill, made technical criticism to the Ducati for and then say that it was better motorcycle than he had never driven and even in others statments  said it was a motorcycle difficult to drive.

The last one before Mugello's victory was that he needed a different tank, ergonomically speaking, only in this way could he drive during the whole race. The ducati made it known that they had brought about twenty of them and that no one had liked it so far.

The expected change came at the Mugello Grand Prix. I think, as I say in one of my previous post to a particular astral conjunction that allowed him victory in Mugello and that of Barcelona. Dovizioso falls into trying to get rid of him. And Petrucci chosen as the new squire of Dovizioso finishes tenth. If we reason in the economy of these two GP, it would seem that Ducati made an error of evaluation. That Lorenzo could not be questioned considering his past and with the constant and small progress he had made since the first race at Ducati. One might think that Dovizioso is a second-level driver compared to Lorenzo and that Petrucci can not help with the Borgo Panigale project.

One might think, but it is also important to evaluate the peculiarity of Lorenzo, he has a difficult character and a precarious and complicated balance. It is unquestionable that when you reach it few can overcome it, but also in the same perfection you can open important cracks for minimally important details for others, dragging them down again.

Then, anyway, Lorenzo was a bet, that Ducati could not wait, because it was driven by the frenzy of victory and the market that sincerely opens too early. Let's see where Petrucci can go.


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