Moto Enduro day in Barcelona

Moto Enduro day in Barcelona

Half day of enduro a few steps from Barcelona

A Gasorpedal adventure

Half a day in the Llobregat area, ten minutes from Barcelona. Only a few minutes by train and will radically change the landscape. From the asphalt you will find yourself immersed in nature. More exactly in the mountains of the Llobregat valley. Enchanting areas, but not only, seem made for the practice of Enduro.

What we offer?

Expert guides, able to adapt the march and the route for each level. They can take you for a walk, or do something else, everyone has a valuable motorcycle experience, so if you want to push a little more ...

Beautiful routes, which are lost in the Llobregat valley, roads through the forest, muletracks, white tracks and even if you want to refine the technique, natural circuits, where you can use at will to improve some faults in your driving.

Whenever you want, our guides will clarify some doubts or correct you in the wrong behavior that often not only makes certain passages more dangerous but also more exhausting.

We offer you a fantastic motorcycle park and always perfect. Beautiful KTM 250 2016 16 days are available. Here you can find the technical data sheet. They are perfect motorcycles for this type of terrain, with the right power to get rid of the various problems that you can find. For the lowest (this is what I say from the experience), the saddles are available with less filling, able to gain a few centimeters, but they are absolutely necessary. Often they help to avoid stupid falls, but above all they help in the handling of the forces. Having your feet floating in the air looking for a support and then finding it tilting the motorbike at the end of the day is a considerable energy expenditure.

Anyway, do you like Enduro? Are you in Barcelona and are you tired of city life? Do you want to go on a motorcycle?

This is what GasorPedals offers you. Half day of Enduro in the Llobregat.

Here the imperative is to have fun. And with our expert guides, the mountains of the Llobregat and the rented motorcycles will not be difficult.

The transport from Molins de Rey (only 10 minutes by train from the center of Barcelona), the breakfast, the equipment rental and the two-stroke KTM 250 bikes Six Days of 2016 are all included in the price.

Here are the details.

Half-day tour of the requested level. License required to drive motorcycles.

8:00 am. upon arrival, information and preparation,
09:00 am   Start of the tour.
3:00 pm   End of the tour.

For more information contact PAOLO@GASORPEDALS.COM

Schedules may be subject to change.

You can also use a motorcycle owned by any brand, we are in a democracy, of course it must be in order, registered and complete registration.

PRICE: € 150.00 ALL INCLUDED, the availability of the Enduro Day package is available throughout the year

Happy Enduro to all


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