Classic bicycle for Barcelona

Classic bicycle for Barcelona

What I want to suggest to go to visit VenivediBici, here the link of your website and they also have a profile on Facebook. It is a workshop and much more, a cultural center. Obviously to promote the culture of cycling. And specifically, the culture of cycling linked to classic bicycles.

The classic bicycle is a bicycle, of course, a road bicycle, built between the 60s and 90s. The one ¡s that Bartali or Moser led, Bianchi at that time was one of the reference brands, but also many other Italian brands. Located in the heart of the Sants neighborhood, a few steps from Plaza de España, it is run by three friends, GianMaria, Arci and Jordi. Obviously, an Italian had to be there, since they are everywhere. The bicycle park, although the workshop is small, is very broad and refined.

The lovers of the genre will be absolutely satisfied.

Among the thousand activities they offer tours in Barcelona, with a guide, (a tour of Bodegas, one along the coast, another in the national reserve of Llobregat and finally a tour during the full moon night of each month at MontJuic)

At night they offer films that are always and exclusively about cycling topics and courses on how to learn to keep the bicycle (pine nuts, crowns, but also courses on how to take care of aesthetics)

Members pay a fixed and can take advantage of all the tools available in the workshop and also take advantage of the wisdom of the owners, always available to help.

In addition to all this, they also rent some of their bicycles. To give you the opportunity to move around the city or outside of Barcelona. The bicycles, as I said, are all bicycles of a certain type of blazon, from the seventies, with a certain history behind, but restored, equipped with new tires and brakes, all in line with the aesthetics of the time and preferably with the original pieces.

For lovers of the genre, a real pleasure, I can assure you. Just look at the appearance of the different customers. They look like children, fingers caressing the profiles, comments about the beauty of that detail or about this piece that is no longer available.

Among the other services offered, they are sold at a popular price, craft beer, well made (of course, I speak with experience) which you can enjoy sitting comfortably on the sofas located inside the workshop.

In fact, it is a cultural center and the intention is not exquisitely commercial. their desire is to create and promote a certain type of culture. Sport, cycling in general, but also sharing, just spending time together, with a beer in hand, talking about an epic rise, but also the previous day's food. There are no vetoes. In fact, non-cyclists are accepted, as well as cyclists. You do not have to show your ass in the form of a saddle to enter. So if you are near the Plaza de España or you are having a beer in Plaza Osca or passing by Sants station, take a detour. Will be worth.


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