Barcelona a city motorbike -friendly

Barcelona  a city motorbike -friendly


Barcelona, the Catalan capital, has a metropolitan network that, added to the trains, reaches a length of 150 km. 12 lines that connect all the districts: Badalona, Cornellà de Llobregat, Esplugas de Llobregat, Hospitalet de Llobregat, Moncada and Reixach, El Prat de Llobregat, San Adrián de Besós, San Baudilio de Llobregat and Santa Coloma de Gramanet. Not bad for a city that does not have the extension of Los Angeles. If we combine tram and bus networks, we can easily define it as a well-connected city.

However, the presence of scooters, motorcycles and bicycles is surprising. Just take a look at the traffic lights, at the intersections, where a lot of two wheels are accumulated, ready to start. In order to give an order and also to guarantee a certain level of security, the city of Barcelona has drawn specific motorcycle areas right next to the intersections. Cars must stop first and leave the area free. The motorcyclists, therefore, have their safety zone from which to start without the stress of the cars tied to the elbows.

The censuses that have been made coincide with the fact that the number of motorcycles exceeds 200 thousand units. This is surprising for a city of one and a half million inhabitants.

But as I said, it's not surprising if you take a look around Barcelona. There are motorcycles everywhere and parking for motorcycles on the side of each sidewalk.

I'm talking about numbers. That the new Márquez is borning here is obvious. They fight at each traffic light, refining the technique and the reaction time to green, looking for the limit in each corner, braking, dodging.


The new Márquez will all rise in Barcelona and this has been the result of the crisis.  The one that bombarded Barcelona and all Spain in 2008. There was a sudden drop in the number of cars and a growth between two-wheeled vehicles. It was an economic choice. It was not passion. Extremely low operating costs, easy parking. Here in Barcelona, parking a car is a business, a parking space in a garage costs about one hundred euros per month. Of these difficulties and the freedom of movement that a motorcycle or a bicycle in comparison with the public transport (excellent but still not so fast and with limits of schedules) has raised the new generation of motorcyclists. This will increase the number of people in MotoGP, Cross or Enduro. Depending on how each one decides to cross the city. Jumping or knocking down the bike as much as possible.

Then, VR46 can give up, like the FIM, it has no hope, it is a whole city with which they will fight.




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