Are you in Barcelona and want to improve driving a motorbike?

Are you in Barcelona and want to improve driving a motorbike?


First of all one correction. They are called Ramblas and not Rambla. It's a joint of several parts. The entire road that goes from Placa Catalunia and goes down to Placa Colon is called Ramblas. Another notion than i stop, I swear, the statue of Colombo indicates America with his finger. Even if the America is in the other direction.

After having bored you with these details, here's the suggestion: Chicho Lorenzo course, the father of Jorge Lorenzo, the champion who still militates in the deployment of the MotoGP on the red Ducati.

Chicho Lorenzo organizes courses in Barcelona to improve driving on the motorbike. The school and the method are the same that he used with his son.

This does not mean obviously that if you participate and if you are promoted your future on motorcycle must necessarily be decorated like Jorge Lorenzo's. I want to say it loud and clear, before receiving loads of complaints.

The course is divided into four levels that are exemplified with an helmet. It always starts from the white helmet and then get to the red one, which is equivalent of the black belt of motorcyclists. When you get your red helmets there will no longer be any rival that can overtake you in a curve or in a breaking area. With the only exception, of course, another red helmet of Lorenzo's school for example.

In the school of Lorenzo, based in  Barcelona, in areas close to El Prat airport, everyone starts with a white helmet. There are no exceptions. It does not matter the experience, it does not matter the palmares.

Pit bikes are provided with which you can do simple exercises and you will create confidence with the vehicle. So you we will be educated, on the technique and on the position to get the best out of those simple maneuvers. eight or ovals.

Repeating, repeating, and correcting, you assimilate the tricks and you will manage the driving with greater confidence and conscience, whether looking for the limit in a circuit or simply on the road.

After the exam, he enrolls us in the next course. 

So if between a paella and a mojito you will find the strength here's the link:






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