Payment and refund policy.


How do we pay?



You pay the activity entirely at the time of booking. PayPal or Bank Transfer



Is it possible to cancel the activity?



Up to 72 hours before the start of the activity you can erase and then get a full refund. Later than 72 hours there will be no refund.




And what about the wheather?




GasOrPedals under the guidance of guides, will pay attention to predictions and will warn you if it should be deleted. Are outdoor activities, rain and bad weather are part of the game, will be studied case by case with the priority of safety and fun.

For all cases outside of these rules will be applied to the common sense. don't worry!




What happens if you get hurt or do you have a problem with the material that was given to you?




Gasorpedals is not responsible, being an agency, but for every single activity you will sign an insurance that will cover you for this kind of problems