A little bit of sport, some drinks, water and fun

So what is Pedal Cruises really like?

The answer is multiple. An hour of fun. A very special point of view from which have a look at Barcelona and its Skyline. A bar in the middle of the sea. Technically a huge Pedal Boat equipped with 12 seats where you can push on the pedals to make it advance.

All these definitions blend into a unique and enjoyable experience.

For the less sporty, the less inclined to physical effort, we emphasize that the pedals are not the only propulsion. There is an engine that is used to lighten the work or to completely take care of the task.

Once you get to the reception point, you will have a brief briefing, although we are not talking about racing motorboats. It is important to clarify the matters to be adopted for the safety issue.

Then you will sail, guided by one of our captains. Pedal and if you want you can rehydrate with the drinks you have at your disposal.  you have a liter per person and you can choose between beer, sangria and drinks.

the captain's duties are essentially two: to drive the boat and be the host. His task will be to make you feel at home, to revive souls, in short, to make you live good times.

Tours can be one hour or one hour and a half


Here are the features:


- Capacity up to 12 people

- 1 liter of drinks per person (beer, sangria, soft drinks ...)

- Wardrobe

- RC insurance

- Music

- Captain

- It is forbidden to enter under the influence of alcohol or drugs


What could you bring:


- remedies for seasickness

- Music

- Comfortable shoes

- food


Places available: as already mentioned, but better ribaridre 12


Minimum booking users: There is no minimum


Minimum age: 18 years (minors always accompanied by an adult)


Duration of activity: 1 hour or 90 minutes


Location: Barcelona


Meeting point: Casino main entrance of Barcelona Carrer de la Marina 19, Barcelona


How to get there: metro stop Ciutadella-Vila Olímpica


Start time: available from 10:00 to 22:00


Availability dates: Open all year



Private tour: 1 hour 420 €, 90 min 540 €


Individual seats: Price per person (1h)  € 38 (subject to availability)


pedal cruises Barcelona



A little bit of sport, some drinks, water and fun

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