At 3 years the first bike. At 3 years and 2 seconds the first fall with related stitches. Talent was already mature. So ten years of pedaling. Forced by law and the anti-motor family. At 13 the first experience. On a Fantic 50cc. Although only as a passenger it was love at first sight. Since then I have never left the 2 wheels anymore. Just because I'm not of competitive spirit, I don't lead in the various world championships.

Here in Barcelona I do not own motorcycles, I prefer to rent. From this my peculiarity the in-depth knowledge of the world of Barcelona's two wheels.

In GasorPedals I have combined all the tours or adventures with two wheels that have something more.

it's not enough the materials, the beauty of the tour or the circuit, I have always looked for the passion, the care and the friendliness in the professionals that I propose to you.






I love bikes and bikes. My job is still te programmer. Often in the various raids in search of new professionals of the two wheels to be added in Gasorpedals, I follow Paolo, whose technical superiority I admit. It is virtually impossible to beat it. Also because when you are there to overtake it he uses illicit ways.